STOP/GO LED Display Light

An intelligent LED display light used for traffic directing and access control applications.

POS (Point-of- Sale) Interface Card

This is a generic POS serial interface which will integrate to 90% of the Tills on the market. It removes all unnecessary characters used to format the data sent to printers or pole displays and renders a clean readable slip for the DVR to process.

Medical Gas Alarm Monitor

The gas/vacuum alarm monitor is designed to give a warning to the absence or low levels of gases/vacuum in a hospital or clinic.

POS (Point-of- Sale) Interface Card POS (Point-of- Sale) Interface Card

Also available in smaller unit called a Ward Alarm monitor which monitors oxygen, vacuum and medical air only.

POS (Point-of- Sale) Interface Card

Booth Controller Interlogics (Double Door Interlock)

The booth controller or double door interlock controls an entrance and exit door and manages them to ensure that both doors are never open at the same time.